Interior House Painting

Interior painting requires more skill and care than simply applying paint. Thorough planning and careful preparation is essential to achieve the very best results.

The new generation of acrylic paints are as durable as oil paints but dry at a much quicker rate and are also kinder to the environment. This is especially important in interior painting. The most significant benefit of these new acrylic paints is the reduced odor, which results in minimal disruptions to your family’s lifestyle.

During the interior painting process we apply at least two coats of paint to all surfaces. After choosing a colour you then select a finish. Bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms are usually painted with a semi-gloss finish as it the most durable and easy to clean, other ceilings of the home are typically painted with a flat finish. Walls can be painted in other finishes. The most popular interior painting flat finish is eggshell, however, special finishes such as pearl or satin can add a unique beauty to any room.


Exterior House Painting

Exterior painting is critical to the finish of any home. Professionally completed exterior painting work can protect the home from weather extremes as well as significantly increase its value.
The most important part of any exterior painting job is careful surface preparation. Taking the necessary preparation time and then using the highest quality paints is crucial for achieving a long lasting paint job.

We evaluate the existing conditions - through thorough examination of the entire house surface. Potential problems can include peeling paint, open joints or seams, wet or rotted wood, mildew.

  • Removal of loose, peeling and/or flaking paint.

  • Priming of bare wood. 

  • Patching of damaged wood.

  • We use an exterior filler compound or, for larger damaged areas, a two-part body filler to repair any holes or damaged wood.

  • Gapping. 

  • Old paint often films, peels or flakes- typically near joints or between similar materials. This is because water seeps into cracks and soaks into the wood. We gap all the joints, ensuring a lasting paint job.

  • Removal (or careful protection) of light fixtures.

  • Cleaning the areas affected by exterior painting.